Monday, January 20, 2014

Book report

Book Report

The Beyonders Trilogy Novels 

Novels Written by Brandan Mull

Darryl McFarlane | Grade 6 | HCOS
January 20 2014

Last night I finished reading the book titled Chasing the Prophecy written by
Brandon Mull. It is part of the Beyonders trilogy. There are three books in the
trilogy; World without Heroes, Seeds of Rebellion, Chasing the Prophecy.

These books are about Jason teleports through a hippo’s mouth when he was
trying to feed it and entering a land called Lairyan. There is a war in Lairyan Jason
learned a word that can kill Muldor but the word was a hoax and only wipes the
memory clean when said.

In book two Jason meets another beyonder from California named Rachel and
together they traveled to find the blind king. But they arrived only to find his
castle in ruins, with dead soldiers and servants hung on the walls.

They went up the east tower and found a secret stair case underneath the stair
case and then found the blind king in a secret keep underneath the castle. They
learned he was not blind but had the eyes of a displacer. Anything the king sees
the displacer (who serves Muldor) also sees and they tell Muldor.

In the third book Rachel vowed to free the lurkers (beyonders that are invincible
black beings that communicate with their minds). The lurkers feard Muldor
because he is the only one that can slay them. (They once served Muldor.)

The trilogy ended when the lurkers held Muldor at bay so Tark can activate the
oreantem vein underneath the castle. (Oreantem is a ore that is explosive and
only this one vein remains un touched bye miners.) When Tark activated the vein
the whole mountain blown up.

I felt that these stories had many hilarious and unexpected parts. I liked these
books, especially Nedwin who gave his life at the end to prevent the spread of
plague by throwing himself in a fire after killing the traitors. I would recommend
this book to other people who like nerdy stuff and science fiction.

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