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Fear and courage


Youth Bible Study

Island of the Blue Dolphin Vocabulary Flash Cards

Click here to read all the flash cards

gulls    Any of various chiefly coastal water birds with a strong, curved beak, webbed feet, long wings, gray and white feathers. noun

otter    Any of the various mammals that resemble the weasel and live in or near water, having webbed feet and thick, dark brown fur noun

ravine    a deep narrow valley made by in the earth's surface made by running water

Russian    Of or relating to Russia, or its people, language or culture.

leagues    a unit of distance, approximately equal to three miles (4.8) kilometers

dolphin    any of the various marine mammals related to the whales, bur smaller and having a snout shaped like a beak. noun

skimming    to glide or pass quickly and lightly over or along a surface.

pelts    1. animals skins with the fur or hair still on it. noun
2. To cast, hurl or throw verb

bale    1. noun a large, bound package or bundle of raw or finished material

retreat    V. the act of withdrawing especially from something dangerous or unpleasant

cormorants    Noun  Any of several large, water birds having blackish feathers, webbed feetand a hooked bill with a pouch for holding fish Noun

kelp    Any of various brown or green, often very large seaweeds that are a variety of algae and can grow to over 200 feet. noun

intruder    one who breaks in or comes without being invited. Noun

Aleuts    A member of the Native American people inhabiting
the Aleutian Islands

mesa    A high land area with a flat top and steep sides.

glistening    Shone with a sparkling reflected light Verb

carcasses    dead bodies of animals, the remains of something noun

dusk    The time of evening just before darkness. Noun

surged    1. to rise and move in a billowing or swelling manner

abalones    Any of various edible mollusks that have a large shallow shell lined with mother of pearl

glistening    Shone with a sparkling reflected light Verb

Friday, May 30, 2014

Island of the Blue Dolphin

  • Read chapters 1 - 10 of Island of the blue dolphin
  • Complete Chapter Comprehension questions
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Novel Information Sheet 
  • Print and organize Novel Study Notebook pages 

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Fitness day at cadets! Lots of mud scrapes and a few mosquito bites but one happy cadet came home!

Art - Mandalas

What is a Mandala? Click here to watch the video and learn.
Multiplication review Speech practice Language arts- compound words, conjunctions, prefixes Socials Water Management pages 92 to 95 Create a survey form and distribute it (Page 95) using Survey Monkey

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Writing - Poetry

Come up with an idea/subject for your poem. Then identify some key objects/nouns and create a list of characteristics, adjectives, and descriptions you can draw on while writing your poem.

Language Arts - Poetry

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Multiplying Fractions

Brain Pop 

Faith Revelation Chapter 1

Read Page 1150 in your bible

Revelation 1 1-19

Make a bookmark for your bible

Novel Bridge to Terabithia

Read chapter two. Two pages outloud.

reducing fractions

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Simplifying fractions worksheet
Multiplication review grid

Poetry Contest

Now is the time to write a poem! Let's talk about this opportunity 

"Hello all poets and creative writers at HCS Learning Commons.

We would love to invite you to join in our poetry/creative writing competition and share your gifts. Who May Join? This competition is open to all schools, both elementary and high school students, from ACOS, Living Truth to HCS and HCOS grade 3 and up.

When does the competition run? From April 9th to June 1st. The winners will be announced the first week of June 2013. What will you write or share? You may share a poem in writing or in presentation orally via an audio clip, or you may share a short story or other form of creative writing like a rap song. The creative word is the oyster! To hear what poetry slam sounds like listen to this.

 Prizes: There will be three Amazon prizes for the top winning entries in both high schools and elementary schools.
 First Prize $40
Second Prize $25
Third Prize $20

 Please join this group if you are interested in joining this competition and let the writing begin;) If you have any questions please contact Pippa Davies on the Ning! Please share your writing or poetry in the comment boxes below. Feel free to encourage one another in the comment boxes too :)

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Among the Hidden - Chapters 20-30

Among the Hidden by Haddix, M

Chapters 20 -30

Finish up the novel and be prepared to discuss it with Scott - tell him about the novel.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Among The Hidden Chapters 11 to 20

Among the Hidden by Haddix, M

Chapters 11-20

Create a poster about the SETTING of this novel
Use a large piece of construction paper.
Write your notes onto blocks of paper to be glued onto the construction paper.
Include two drawings to be glued onto the construction paper.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Micro Pointillism: Defining A Medium

Novel - Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden by Haddix, M

Chapters Intro  to 10

Write about the Main Characters of this Novel ... 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Simplify Fractions

Adding Fractions

Science Matter and Energy: Matter: How Is It Put Together? This program concentrates on the states of matter and how matter can change from one state to another. The three states of matter common to our experience are described. The fourth state of matter, plasma, is also presented. Worksheets to accompany it over the week

Friday, May 2, 2014

Daily Outline May 2 2014

Cursive Writing  52& 53
Review the Giver Reading - complete reading sheets as needed and  finish reading the book.
Language Arts-   Punctuation Videos & Worksheets
Math -  Adding Fractions Review and worksheets
Science - Video
Electricity and Magnetism: Current Electricity
electricity is the flow of electrons. To move from one place to another, current electricity needs what is called a “complete circuit.” The circuit is made up of a source of electrons, a path for the electrons to travel along, and a device to use the electricity.