Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Poetry Contest

Now is the time to write a poem! Let's talk about this opportunity 

"Hello all poets and creative writers at HCS Learning Commons.

We would love to invite you to join in our poetry/creative writing competition and share your gifts. Who May Join? This competition is open to all schools, both elementary and high school students, from ACOS, Living Truth to HCS and HCOS grade 3 and up.

When does the competition run? From April 9th to June 1st. The winners will be announced the first week of June 2013. What will you write or share? You may share a poem in writing or in presentation orally via an audio clip, or you may share a short story or other form of creative writing like a rap song. The creative word is the oyster! To hear what poetry slam sounds like listen to this.

 Prizes: There will be three Amazon prizes for the top winning entries in both high schools and elementary schools.
 First Prize $40
Second Prize $25
Third Prize $20

 Please join this group if you are interested in joining this competition and let the writing begin;) If you have any questions please contact Pippa Davies on the Ning! Please share your writing or poetry in the comment boxes below. Feel free to encourage one another in the comment boxes too :)

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