Saturday, May 31, 2014

Island of the Blue Dolphin Vocabulary Flash Cards

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gulls    Any of various chiefly coastal water birds with a strong, curved beak, webbed feet, long wings, gray and white feathers. noun

otter    Any of the various mammals that resemble the weasel and live in or near water, having webbed feet and thick, dark brown fur noun

ravine    a deep narrow valley made by in the earth's surface made by running water

Russian    Of or relating to Russia, or its people, language or culture.

leagues    a unit of distance, approximately equal to three miles (4.8) kilometers

dolphin    any of the various marine mammals related to the whales, bur smaller and having a snout shaped like a beak. noun

skimming    to glide or pass quickly and lightly over or along a surface.

pelts    1. animals skins with the fur or hair still on it. noun
2. To cast, hurl or throw verb

bale    1. noun a large, bound package or bundle of raw or finished material

retreat    V. the act of withdrawing especially from something dangerous or unpleasant

cormorants    Noun  Any of several large, water birds having blackish feathers, webbed feetand a hooked bill with a pouch for holding fish Noun

kelp    Any of various brown or green, often very large seaweeds that are a variety of algae and can grow to over 200 feet. noun

intruder    one who breaks in or comes without being invited. Noun

Aleuts    A member of the Native American people inhabiting
the Aleutian Islands

mesa    A high land area with a flat top and steep sides.

glistening    Shone with a sparkling reflected light Verb

carcasses    dead bodies of animals, the remains of something noun

dusk    The time of evening just before darkness. Noun

surged    1. to rise and move in a billowing or swelling manner

abalones    Any of various edible mollusks that have a large shallow shell lined with mother of pearl

glistening    Shone with a sparkling reflected light Verb

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